The Association of Engineering Researchers (AER) is established as a NON PROFIT organization to bring together researchers engaged in the field of engineering research for sustainable future development. The umbrella of AER covers stakeholders from various sectors includes industries, commercial organizations, educational and research institutes and government organizations. The AER aims to build strong bonds among these stakeholders to continue to hand in the hands of a sustainable future.


  • Directing the engineering research towards better and sustainable future
  • Mission

  • To develop and promote the holistic research approach among engineering researchers for sustainable life of altogether
  • To bring together various stakeholders of engineering research for a better future
  • Now, the invitation is open to join Association of Engineering Researchers. All the applications received before 30 August 2021 will be registered as a member without any handling charges. Three types of memberships are open: Assoicate Members, Senior Members, Honorary Members.

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